Welcome to ADRNC

The Association for Dispute Resolution

of Northern California 


We envision all communities to be inclusive; in each, we respect, articulate and integrate differences through conflict transformation. In so doing, we establish, nurture and foster cultures that offer the necessary support for our communities to thrive as more just, more equitable and more peaceful.


Our mission is to realize ADRNC’s vision by cultivating enhanced capacities for peacebuilding and conflict transformation within those professionally called to this work, such as mediators, arbitrators, ombudspersons, and attorneys as well as those who are challenged with conflict as an integral part of their ongoing work, for example: teachers, peace officers, social workers, community organizers and leaders, clergy, entrepreneurs, business contributors, prison guards, parents, students, coaches, family members and neighbors.

We actively pursue our mission through education, outreach, advocacy, sharing resources, networking and actively collaborating with others.